Women on Boards – How to foster the next generation of female executives

Women are taking their rightful spots in UK boardrooms, with the Female FTSE Report showing that the percentage of women on FTSE 100 boards rose to an all-time high of 33% in 2017 for non-executive positions. However, the percentage of women holding executive directorships remains low at just under 10% on the FTSE 100 and under…

Real Estate Investment & Financial Modelling

Learn from highly-experienced property professionals. Construct a robust real estate financial model from scratch. Use your model to underwrite property acquisitions and make investment recommendations.
Duration: 2 days, Location: London, CPD Hours: 12h, Level: Basic

Introduction to Property

In this course, delegates will be introduced to Property as an asset class for investment purposes. We will look at what makes the property industry tick: how property is built, used, re-used, let, designed, sold and valued.
Duration: 1 day, Location: London, CPD Hours: 6h, Level: Basic