The Social Impact of Real Estate Development – Beyond the Pandemic

Friday 4th June 4-5 PM BST

One of the biggest disconnects between social impact and real estate stems from non-profits’ discomfort with profit, and society’s perception of real estate as being a powerful expression of capitalism.

Real estate affects us all: individuals and families, companies, towns, and cities. It shapes how our communities are designed and built, and plays a large role in our local and national economy. More importantly, it can be responsible for significant social impact.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn how our chosen panelists have navigated their careers to create social impact in their respective sectors.

  1. How did Meka Brunel take the helm at one of the world’s largest REITs, and the leadership obstacles she had to face?
  2. How did Laura Collins create one of the first ever all women development team?
  3. What was Maria Wiedner’s personal journey that led her to promoting diversity and inclusion and social mobility?

In partnership with IE School of Architecture & Design


Maria Wiedner
Associate Professor of Finance, IE School of Architecture and Design, Global Master in Real Estate Development,
CEO Cambridge Finance & REWomen

MODERATOR: Margarita Chiclana
Director of Global Master in Real Estate Development, IE School of Architecture and Design
CEO UNEXUM Real Estate

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