We know that we do our jobs well, we are driven and dedicated and that in the long-term we will definitely succeed in our careers.  However, in the short-term, we sometimes find we benefit from a little push in the right direction.

Sometimes we lack motivation, passion, we face gender bias or other types of discrimination, but often it is simply that we don’t have the right skills or knowledge to help us progress further and help build our confidence.

In order to address the latter, RE:WOMEN is partnering with training providers to offer high-quality CPD courses. Some of the courses will lay a solid foundation of the principles of real estate, such as valuation, financial modelling, some will give you soft skills, such as leadership, presentation, networking and self-esteem.

We hope to see you in one of these courses.

Let’s make the most of our potential!

Next Courses

real estate financial modelling

Real Estate Investment and Financial Modelling 

Learn from highly-experienced property professionals. Construct a robust real estate financial model from scratch. Use your model to underwrite property acquisitions and make investment recommendations. Read More…