Association of Muslim Surveyors in UK Launches

Promoting diversity and inclusion in any industry is always a challenge, and working in the real estate sector is no different. Which is why The Association of Muslim Surveyors (AMS) has now been founded in the UK.

It aims to tackle the problems that British Muslims face and help them network and share knowledge, enabling them to develop their careers in the industry.

Islamophobia is a real problem in many industries, and it hinders Muslim professionals who face a plethora of challenges, including discrimination, lack of representation and underemployment.

The AMS has been designed as a support network, but also so much more. It is for Muslim professionals to share their knowledge, to connect with one another, it brings professionals from a range of backgrounds and promotes inclusivity. It is open to all, whether you’re a student, a qualified professional, or an expert that wants to share knowledge. By creating this network it is hoping that Muslim professionals can finally blossom and develop their careers.

The AMS held their first event, which say over 85 people from around the UK attend, they want to showcase the power of networking and bringing together a community. It promises to enable British Muslims working in the real estate and construction sectors a voice, standing up for their rights.

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