Gender Pay Gap Research

Your Chance To Make A Difference!  

Real Estate Women is a not for profit organisation setup in 2012 to  tackle gender equality and diversity in the Real Estate Sector. 

Whilst progress is being made, and the sector has seen some advances the sentiment from you is that it’s simply not enough, 

This is our first landmark research project, and we are collaborating with Dr Fuk Ying Tse (Birmingham Business School) and Dr Manuela Galetto (Warwick Business School)  to find out more on gender pay gap reporting in the UK (mandatory for UK companies with 250+ employees since 2017)

Your insights are valuable for us.

This is your chance to exchange views with academic experts on the topic and share what works and what doesn’t in your organisation.

The research project explores potential challenges of this mandatory legal requirement for organisations in the real estate sector, while offering you the opportunity to gain insights on good practices, on how other organisations manage the process and harness it as a tool to improve equality in the organisation more generally.

We look forward to hearing from you, please do get in touch.

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