Natasha Stromberg

Natasha Stromberg

Founder, Genderbuzz

Natasha is the founder of Genderbuzz a digital media and coaching company, which at its core aims to show that a 50/50 gender equal world benefits everyone.

She is an in-demand speaker in the gender equality field and has appeared live on BBC radio. She has her own You Tube channel and is a published Blogger for Huffington Post.

Prior to founding Genderbuzz Natasha had a long career in the financial services industry managing investment banking trading businesses and as a regulator in the commodity markets. Natasha is also a certified Life coach.


About Genderbuzz

Education offering:

Natasha undertakes corporate speaking events on how you can achieve gender balance in your company and showcases the latest research and thinking on gender balance in the workplace and trends in the field.

Natasha leads gender-bias seminars, which educate you on how we are all set up for gender bias from an early age and shows you what you can do to change that in your organisation.

She also leads ‘empathy’ seminars, which help your managers and executives, understand the lives, and needs of your employees better.

Consulting offering:

Genderbuzz helps you with a plan to get women into your management pipeline by working with your HR professionals.

Genderbuzz helps you with retention of women pre-and post children (if applicable) by advising you on best practice & offer self-confidence training for women who are on parental leave or about to re-enter your workplace.

Genderbuzz works with you to ensure your graduate intake is gender equal and that you are practicing gender equal pay.

Media room:

Genderbuzz has a substantial collection of online gender reference material for your use including Ted Talks and relevant videos.

Genderbuzz has a bi-weekly newsletter which keeps you up to date with all the gender news.

Genderbuzz reviews academic texts on gender and have a mini-Book Club.

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