Crisis: Your Most Powerful Catalyst

Thursday 16 July @ 5pm BST


Women in Hotels (WiH) member Anita Mendiratta is a published author and global strategic advisor in tourism and development, with career foundations in leading global blue chip companies such as IBM, Unilever and The Coca Cola Company. Anita holds various leading global roles such as Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO, Lead consultant of CNN International’s T.A.S.K. GROUP and a strategic resource to the WORLD BANK as well as head of her own advisory firm and various board member roles. Many of you will know Anita as speaker, moderator, MC and presenter in the advancement of tourism, aviation and hotel investment at global events, corporations, organisations and academic institutions.

While Anita is usually asked to speak on Travel and Tourism or heavy industry aspects, we asked her to focus on her personal journey to here and now. Surely this will be a highly inspiring talk. Zoom link Below Anita’s outline :


No matter how carefully, strategically and creatively we predict the future of our industry and plan our careers, the only certainty is uncertainty. Case in point: 2020. At a professional and personal level COVID19 has become a defining feature of our year, and our lives. So how do we make crisis work for us? There is trustworthy method to what so easily feels like madness. There is strength to be found – professionally and personally, in and after this time of huge challenge. There are reasons why COVID19 will be a time of 19+ blessings. 




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