Fried Frank

Sector: Legal

Fried Frank is a firm where diversity and individuality are highly valued.

Diverse attorneys, including women and attorneys of color, are actively engaged in all aspects of Firm leadership and management.

To the Firm, diversity is about leveraging the knowledge, insight and capabilities of talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, to the benefit of both clients and the Firm. It’s about bringing a multicultural perspective to global business challenges.

Most of all, it’s about action, not just words. Staff finds that the Firm has put the pieces in place to create a stimulating, open-minded and progressive environment where we respect and build on the strengths and potential of everyone at the Firm.

The Firm executes a comprehensive set of initiatives and programs to support the professional and personal development of women attorneys and attorneys from distinct backgrounds and cultures. They actively support affinity groups for our attorneys of color and our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) attorneys, which meet regularly to build community. The Firm also has a thriving women’s initiative that presents programs to encourage Firmwide awareness of issues impacting women in the workplace. The Firm has an independent Diversity and Inclusion department that is focused on the promotion of diversity at Fried Frank and advises a number of critical Firm committees and departments on best practices for ensuring the diversity of their attorneys and staff.

Fried Frank is committed to maintaining an inclusive culture and fostering a professional atmosphere that promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices.

At Fried Frank, inclusion is a standard principle.

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