Brown Rudnick


Sector: Legal

Throw out the old paradigm. In fact, throw out the word paradigm – and anything else tired, trite, sluggish or slow. Powered by over 240 lawyers in key financial centers, including New York, London, Paris, Boston, California, and Washington, DC, Brown Rudnick is a law firm designed for speed and performance.

Our advice is practical and business-driven – not abstract or opaque. And our progressive operating model takes collaboration to a new level – benefitting like-minded clients who want muscular, integrated service, timely delivered.


Diversity at Brown Rudnick is a serious matter and they are committed to ensuring that each lawyer, paralegal and administrative professional is provided an equal opportunity to succeed based on individual merit.

Brown Rudnick are committed to the value of diversity and to ensuring the equitable and inclusive treatment of all members of their community. This commitment informs every aspect of their firm’s operations, from recruitment and hiring, to professional development and mentoring, to firm management and leadership.


Since RE:WOMEN’s humble beginnings in 2012, we have always had the support of Brown Rudnick’s partners, especially of Omega Poole’s, to turn our ideas into reality. RE:WOMEN had our first co-hosted event with the firm in 2015, with Great Careers. So moving to hear from successful people how to become successful – only if it were that easy… But they inspired us all from start, and that is the main point, always.

In September 2017, we co-hosted the Real Estate Financing event, where three leaders in property lending – Laura, Gabrielle and Omega – gave insights into how the debt markets are moving in the UK and abroad and current trends in the property markets.

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