Claire Vane

Claire Vane

Director,  Integrated Resources Ltd

Claire Vane set up Integrated Resources eleven days before the Twin Towers fell in 2001. She set up the business, after several HRD roles, because she felt there was a gap in the market for top quality HR expertise, across all functions and sectors, but at affordable fees.

The business focuses on the whole employee life-cycle from recruitment and employment law, through performance management, compensation and benefits to training and development, coaching, and the application of psychometrics, thus being a microcosm of the large consultancies.

The organisation provides bespoke blue chip interim and consultancy services to clients who are all over the UK and Europe, not just Cambridge/London where the team is headquartered.

Claire’s passion is in releasing potential, whether from individuals or within a client organisation. The team puts great store on first-rate communications and regards this aspect of the work as critical as well as the sound application of employment law and other management processes and systems.

Claire was hugely influenced by her Father’s maxim of: “Always expect the best of people and don’t be disappointed when you get the worst”. Claire is also a big fan of ‘Non-Violent Communication’ (Rosenberg).

Claire uses her other great passion, the piano, to perform in order to raise money for her favourite charities, but actually graduated from Cambridge in Classics and Modern Greek.

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