Introduction to Property

Practitioner-led training course by Property Overview offered at a discount to RE:Women members. Next dates: 1 April & 2 June (9:30-5pm) Discounted RE:Women member price £424+VAT

A 1-day foundation knowledge course for those who work in property or with property clients and would like a solid knowledge base.

This is our flagship course providing a birds-eye, measured 360° view of the property industry, guaranteeing a knowledge foundation and creating an understanding of the property market, its jargon and its many concepts in one day for those new to property or those wishing to expand their knowledge base.

Taught by Cléo Folkes, CAIA MA, herself

Course Content

Foundation knowledge course explaining the basics of real estate such as what drives it, how the leasing and investment process works, explaining lease structures, investor types, investment strategies and routes to investment, risks to look out for, property’s place as an investment asset, how it is valued and invested in, who does what, trends, technology & disruption and much, much more. We get you comfortable with key bits of jargon that you are likely to come across.

Real Estate might be slow but is constantly evolving, and we provide insight into the most important trends. We provide plenty of context and anecdotes. The real-life case study ties everything back together. Modules in brief are:

• Property needs occupiers to thrive: why buy, why rent?
• Asset types explained
• Insight into real market drivers, market cycles & market dynamics
• Sector- and Asset-specific considerations
• Technology impacts how property is used, built, let, sold & invested in
• The traditional job roles
• Property leasing & other jargon
• The letting process, lease structures and lease events
• The investment process, -styles and -vehicles
• Investment-related jargon-busting
• Property is slow but constantly evolving
• Case study

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